Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Japanese Food

I dedicate this post to those who loves Japanese food. What kinda Japanese food do you like? Teppanyaki with fresh meat cooked tenderly sprinkled with fried garlic or freshly raw tuna and salmon sashimi served on the platter dipped with soysauce with a hint of wasabi?


So hungry! *drooooling now*

What do you enjoy eating in Japanese restaurant? I personally like buffet style rather than ala-carte. I just nejoy eating the sweetness of the fresh fish grilled or served raw. Miso soup and cawan mushi served hot in a cup, savouring the aroma and the smell of it. Just perfect!

I think in KL, i love to go to Sakae Sushi for variety of sushi's and at a value and decent price with good food. Genki Sushi and Sushi King have their followers as well. Been there and tried that. Sushi Groove also seems to be a newly favourite place in 1 Utama for variety of sushi's and single person meal.

For other kind of varieties, i been to Shogun's in 1 Utama which serves buffet style Japanese food. Food served aplenty, fresh meat and veggies can be made on the spot and etc. Been there last year during my sister's birthday.

I've been to 2 Japanese restaurants here in ZJG. 2 of them serves Japanese Buffet style, which is absolutely suitable for my appetite. Fits my appetite and its healthy. Although accompanied with sake and Asahi beers. But still, the food itself is is cooked fresh and perhaps the reason of not consuming so much of rice down in my stomach makes me dieting in a way. Less carbo less fat.

What do ya think? Hungry for some Japanese Food? :)

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